The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

All Volunteers from the Local Community

June Peachey
Biography to follow soon.
Geoff Bennett
'I moved to Hastingwood in July 2016 and would like to assist in helping the local residents shape the future of their local community, taking into consideration all their concerns and aspirations.'
Lorna Horsfield
'I have lived in Thornwood for nearly 40 years, know that planning has a huge impact on our lives, and feel it is vital that as many people as possible grab the opportunity to get involved.'
Paula Etherington
Biography to follow soon.
Nicole Kelly
'I have lived in North Weald for over thirty years and in that time it has changed but the changes we are about to face over the next 17 years is unprecedented in our parish. I'm involved with the Neighbourhood Plan because I want to have a say in how that change will fit in with us, rather than us having to fit into that change.'

There are a number of smaller working groups who, in conjunction with the Steering Group, work together managing different aspects of the plan (organisational, research, evidence gathering).

If you would like to take an active role in the Neighbourhood Plan process, please contact us at

Both Susan De Luca (Clerk to North Weald Bassett Parish Council), and Adriana Jones (Officer for North Weald Bassett Parish Council) assist the Steering Group with many of the administrative and organisational aspects of managing the Neighbourhood Plan.

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