Local Plan sets out number of houses for North Weald Bassett

On 5th December, Epping Forest District Council published the Agenda for an Extraordinary meeting of the Council being held on 14th December 2017 to discuss, and possibly agree, the submission version of the Local Plan for the Epping Forest District.

The Local Plan sets out the proposed strategy for meeting the District’s needs for the next 16 years, and guides where future development will go. The proposals in the Local Plan for North Weald Bassett are as follows:

North Weald Village – 1,050 homes

  • NWB.R1 Land at Bluemans – Approximately 223 homes
  • NWB.R2 Land at Tylers Farm – Approximately 21 homes
  • NWB.R3 Land south of Vicarage Lane – Approximately 728 homes
  • NWB.R4 Land at Chase Farm – Approximately 27 homes
  • NWB.R5 Land at The Acorns, Chase Farm – Approximately 51 homes

Thornwood – 172 homes

  • THOR.R1 Land at Tudor House – Approximately 124 homes
  • THOR.R2 Land east of High Road – Approximately 48 homes

Latton Priory – 1,050 homes

The 1,050 homes proposed for North Weald Village is a drop from the 1,580 proposed in the Draft Local Plan conslted upon in late 2016, however there are an additional 48 proposed for Thornwood that were not inlcuded in previous proposals. Latton Priory remains unchained at 1,050, and this site forms part of the new Harlow and Gildson Garden Town project.

At the 14th December Council meeting, District Councillors will vote whether or not to agree and publish the Epping Forest District Local Plan Submission Version. If there isn’t a majority vote, Councillors will effectively be voting to delay the Local Plan and therefore accept the Government’s new housing delivery test requiring an indicative housing target of 923 homes per annum or 20,306 homes over the plan period. This represents a significant increase in the number of homes the District will need to plan for, and will undoubtedly have an effect for all areas in the Parish of North Weald Bassett. If Council votes to support the Submission Version of the Local Plan, a 6 week period of public consultation will commence on 18th December.

The 14th December Council meeting starts at 6pm and is open to the public, however space is limited so if you plan on attending, get there early.

The Parish’s Neighbourhood Plan must be in general conformity with the Strategic elements of the Local Plan, so the 14th December may provide some much needed certainty for the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

For more information, go to:

EFDC 14th December Council meeting full agenda including Submission Version of Local Plan – www.rds.eppingforestdc.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=296&MID=9455#AI63797

EFDC Draft Local Plan information – www.efdclocalplan.org/technical-information/

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