Date when development sites agreed is set for 14th December

In light of the possible ramifications of the new government consultation ‘Planning For The Right Homes In The Right Places’, Epping Forest District Council is rapidly progressing the finalisation of its Local Plan, and will be seeking to publish the Pre-Submission Plan prior to Christmas 2017.

With this new speeded up timetable in mind, a ‘provisional’ Council meeting date has been set for 14th December 2017, 6pm at the Civic Offices in Epping.  It is understood that the purpose of this meeting is to agree the sites to be developed in the District to the year 2033, along with housing numbers for each site.

You may recall that the Draft Local Plan (published late 2016) proposed the following figures for our area:

  • 1,580 – North Weald Village
  • 130 – Thornwood
  • 1,050 – Hastingwood

Since this time, a further 168 sites – either new sites or amended sites – across the District have been assessed, and these include both new and amended sites in either North Weald, Thornwood or Hastingwood.

It is not clear at this stage if there will be any changes to the numbers proposed above, or if any of the proposed sites will change, be removed, or be added.  It’s a case of wait and see. Roll on 14th December!

For more information, go to:

Government Consultation –

EFDC Draft Local Plan information –

List of new sites being considered by EFDC –

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